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Kino! Berlin: Nach der Musik (A Father's Music)


Nach der Musik (A Father’s Music). 2006. Written and directed by Igor Heitzmann. With Otmar Suitner, Maria Suitner, Renate Heitzmann, and the Staatskapelle Berlin orchestra. A true Berlin story: Suitner, a celebrated conductor, led orchestras in both East (the State Opera) and West Germany (Bayreuth), and maintained a domestic life as divided as his professional one. He had two families, one in East and one in West Berlin where with Renate Heitzmann, a student whom he met when he was forty-three, he had a son Igor. Suitner retired at sixty-eight and at eighty-five he still travels between wives in the company of his son, the filmmaker. With fascinating documentary footage both public and private, A Father’s Music examines a life in which art (music) triumphed over divided loyalties. 105 min.

Titus Theaters
11 West 53rd Street

As a special section of Kino!, MoMA’s annual survey of new German cinema, the Department of Film presents Kino Berlin, an exhibition of notable films made in Berlin since reunification. Organized by MoMA Senior Curator of Film Laurence Kardish, the series includes Tom Tykwer’s Run, Lola, Run (1998), Wolfgang Becker’s Good Bye, Lenin! (2003), Andreas Dresen’s Night Shapes (1999) and Summer in Berlin (2005), the Hissen Brothers’ documentary Dem Deutschen Volk (1996) on Christo’s wrapping of the Reichstag, and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s The Lives of Others (2006), as well as the American premieres of two documentaries: Hanna Schygulla’s Hanna Hannah (2007) on Berlin’s new Holocaust memorial and Manfred Wilhelms’s Berlin: Pictures of a City (1998) on the city’s radical architectural changes.

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Larry Kardish, the Curator of the Film Department at MoMA, talks about the Kino! Berlin series.

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