Berlin Today

Berlin is on its way toward establishing a leading role in Germany's cultural and intellectual life. Four major universities; three first-class operas; a vast and astonishing ensemble of museums, libraries, and research centers; and a lively scene of galleries (plus inexpensive living quarters) are attracting artists and writers, film directors, actors, and producers from all over Europe, and the United States, to a city that never sleeps. Berlin, in short, is a city of the 21st century, and its artists are once again involved in defining its meaning.

—Michael Naumann

City on the Move

City on the Move picThe German capital does not just welcome politicians and ambassadors—it is also a place of unlimited possibilities for artists from all over the world.

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Berlin in Images

Architecture picTwo photographers, Roland Horn and Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, capture important places and situations in Berlin, a city of continuing changes.

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Berlin and Film

Film picFor years avant-garde and independently minded filmmakers have made Berlin their home, and the city has become not only the international face of the film industry in Germany but also a character in many films.

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A Musical Rebirth

Music picIn Berlin a curious listener can find everything from all-night raves in abandoned seven-story buildings to radical reinterpretations of Wagner operas. In between is exciting music of every stripe.

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