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Berlin Today: Photos by Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk

It is difficult to remain unimpressed by the profound changes that have taken place in Berlin since the Wall came down in 1989. Since reunification, Germany’s old capital, which was largely destroyed during the War and then reconstructed as a divided city, without a common purpose, has once again become the political and cultural center of the country.

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New neighborhoods have emerged, while many historic buildings have been restored and filled with new life. New memorials and new museums have been built, and the old diplomatic missions have returned. And most profoundly, artists, gallery owners, art collectors, and creative people of all sorts from all over the world have surged into the city, finding inspiration in this state of transition and creating something new in the aftermath of historical events. The dramatic changes taking place in Berlin have also inspired a new forthright attitude in its society, encouraging open dialogue and enhancing communication.

Photographer Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk actively followed the rapid development of the city with his camera. His pictures capture important places and situations in this city of continuing changes.

—Andres Lepik

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